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December 2019


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June 18th, 2019

[No Subject]


APARTMENT: 3-A (Hannah Abbott)

POSSESSIONS AND DECOR: The apartment comes furnished. It saves him from having to bother.

HOW TIDY ARE YOU? Very tidy. It's been a long while since he was actually in the military but he's kept the habits, and "married" life didn't do much to break him of them - Vision wasn't exactly one for clutter either. He'll pick things up and put them away without even consciously thinking about it.

HABITS: He's pretty predictable a lot of the time, and tries to keep busy. If he doesn't have anything else to do he's likely to be reading up on the world they're in at the moment, taking notes on the people around - not in a creepy details way, more metadata type analysis - adding to his supplies of practical and important things (medical supplies, emergency kits), or watching tv. Hey, 1610 hasn't exactly had anything much more than re-runs for the last decade.

SEXUAL HABITS: Unlikely. It's been less than a year since Vision died and he's not feeling the rebound one-night-stand thing.

DRINKING: Not typically, and not at home. If he's going to drink he'll probably go out to a bar where it's expected.

BEDTIME: His sleep has gotten fairly intermittent lately. Sometimes he'll do an early to bed, early to rise sort of routine with a bedtime of about 10pm. Other times he'll sit up until 1-2am or get up during the night. He's almost always up before 7am though and starts the day with a run.

SHOWERING: The best part of civilisation is hot running water and the best time for it is in the morning after his run.

VISITORS: He's pretty chill about them most of the time. It's all good, stop by, as long as he's home he almost certainly won't mind. Very occasionally he'll be in the mood for quiet, but he's also normally decent at straight up saying so.

DEAL-BREAKERS: Messiness, especially unhygienic food messes and the like. Moving his things - they're organised and he knows exactly where everything is! Being particularly indiscreet about sex, not because he's a prude or anything, just coz it makes him remember that he can't have that anymore.